Company parking!

The company sends out e-mail stating

[Parking in the garages is a privilege that can and will be revoked if this type of behavior continues.  If you are observed driving recklessly, disobeying the posted signage and/or involved in an accident, you may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.] 

LOL like who will enforce it

People do whatever they want –


What is so hard about parking within the lines?


OK, this was MY FAULT for being nice. As I sit in my car with turn signal on. Waiting to get a parking space that an employee just got to his car

This so call lady (I use that word loosely) drove up behind me, as I anticipated it will take the guy some time to get ready to pull out. I slightly move to one side giving her some room to drive past me. So she could find some other parking spot.

HELLO – to my surprise she pulled up in front of me just enough to take the parking spot I have been waiting for. (If this was not [my work parking garage] I would have hooked up her car and towed it out of my way. So in a big way she was lucky.

I will never be nice again


As she walks and laughs at me. She has no clue how lucky she is - Still can't park


Once Again what is so hard about parking within the lines?


No room to get in or out


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