My Motorcycles


 25 DEC 1969

From the very beginning, it doesn't matter what you ride as long as you're riding and enjoying yourself doing it. 

The independence, just plain enjoy the wind and the freedom of riding, the bike literally dances on the road, and love the feeling of floating it gives, feeling of flying in perfect harmony, total freedom –

is it spiritual?



Mom & Dad got us a mini Bike in 1969 & Honda 70 in 1973


Mini Bike 25 Dec 1969

 I was 12 Sister 11

 Honda CT70 5 June 1973

6836 Moselle drive San Jose Ca 5 June 1973

Now I know my sister could tell you some stories

May be something about the school tanbark area

I can not confirm or deny as I stand on the 5th amendment ha

Don’t want my kids to get any crazy ideals.


A bike like this one I used a lot in 29 palms Ca. (1976?)

driving from 29 palms to San Jose Ca. Driving down the 101, it’s cold when you drive through the FOG

 Driving in fog, you get wet and then you freeze. Two (2) things you should NOT do.

1)  Drive too close to an 18 wheeler (the warm area!)

2)  When the 18 wheeler starts to slow down, don't shoot around him.


I was frozen, the 18 wheeler started to slow down. Come to find out he saw the CHP turned around and coming up the freeway.

When I shot out and went around. The CHP got me for speeding.

He told me he was only going to tell me to back off a bit.

He let me sit in his car; warn up a bit as he wrote out the ticket.

The next town I had a large Hot chocolate. or was it 2 large Hot chocolate


Used this bike to drive around Sunnymead, CA  (1983 ?)


When living on Walnut (trailer park) here in Las Vegas NV I had a dirt bike like this one. (1985?)

Strange thing, it was parked behind the double wide trailer - Wayne's bike was next to mine (mine was next to the back wall - Wayne's was next to mine.) they had to move his bike to take mine. the police never did find it....




When I was working in Nicaragua (9 months)

I had one like this one.(1992 ?) Honda 750 – got a bit worm driving around the bonfire the universities school students would start in protest.



Nicaragua police, many don’t drive. They will stand on the side of the road (or walk into the road) to stop you. Always checking my papers and lic.



Garnerville NV to Las Vegas NV. The following two motorcycles I got for like $25. from a guy in Lake Tahoe But No title (No problem) easy to get.

This was an X-CHP Kawasaki 1000



Glenn just a bit over 1 year old  


 When I lived on BabyBird Lane Las Vegas Nevada. (2002 ?)







Above are just a few bikes in my life time

Have ridden Many others that I did not own


Like my X father in-law Bill Minteer let me ride many of his dirt bikes.

Could never go as fast as he did! Ha ha


Last one was 2009, a friends Honda 750


Kids on Bike 6 Oct 2012

Riding With Jerry 7 Oct 2012 was told this one is running slow try this one CLick here

Kids on Bike 20 Oct 2012 (the Day I voted for Obama's retirement (go romney & ryan)


5 basic rules to riding safely

1) "If you ever throw a leg over your bike, and you aren't just a little bit afraid, it's time to hang it up."

2)If you are riding on the street, and don't still feel the incentive to ride as if you were invisible to everyone else on the street, you'll get overconfident, and

bad things will inevitably happen.

In other words, if you're very concerned for your safety, then you shouldn't ride a motorcycle. It's inherently dangerous, and despite how skilled or cautious a rider you are, most such crashes are the fault of drivers who didn't see you.

3) Do not speed

4) keep all tires on the ground

you may have seen the Stupid people going down the freeway - on the back tire. I make sure my dash cam is recording. just in case I can start the movie ( improve the gene pool by eliminating themselves from the human race)

5) Always drive in the lane, do not drive between cars to be the first at the Light

RS 486.351 Unlawful passing; driving abreast.
1. A person, except a police officer in the performance of his duty, shall not drive a
motorcycle or moped between moving or stationary vehicles occupying adjacent traffic lanes.
2. Except as provided in subsection 3, a person shall not drive a motorcycle, moped or
trimobile abreast of or overtake or pass another vehicle within the same traffic lane.
3. Motorcycles and mopeds may, with the consent of the drivers, be operated no more
than two abreast in a single traffic lane.
(Added to NRS by 1971, 1470; A 1975, 1084; 1979, 857)


The Darwin Awards commemorate individuals who protect our gene pool by making the ultimate sacrifice of their own lives: by eliminating themselves in an extraordinarily idiotic manner, thereby improving our species' chance of long-term survival. In other words, they are cautionary tales about people who kill themselves in really stupid ways, and in doing so, significantly improve the gene pool by eliminating themselves from the human race.