Robert E. Sult  A.O.S.




My dad smoked Belair.  At about the age of 9 was my first cigarette

How I got started on Belair is mind-blowing


That had to be the worst cigarette every made.



As cigarette price goes up my dad started to make his own with Laredo cigarette maker.

I would help


Three or four for him – one for me

He never suspected anything.


Years later, my father told me his father would give him $0.50 if he would throw out the pack of cigarette he was couth with. My dad would always agree.


Back then 1940 they only cost 10 to 25 cents so he would go out and get 2 packs.


This was my grandparents’ house in Owosso Michigan



This is the back side of the house. Notice the window on the 2nd floor

There was NO SMOKING in the house. ‘NONE”


We went back to visit, there was snow “lots of it” from that bathroom window I could see my father outside, with big heave jacket – out in the cold smoking.


It was too cold for me; I would be in the bathroom blowing the smoke out the window. No one ever found out.


•              Remember one trip from 29 palms to San José visiting

•              Had Wende and my sister Becky with me, stopped at a gas station.

•              I was getting gas, Wende and Becky was up sitting down next to the gas station building smoking.

•              I looked up and seen my mother standing right behind her

•              WOW – what do I do?

•              It must have looked so phony

•              I walked up and said “Becky what are you doing put out the cigarette”

•              Then she saw our mother.

•              She was in trouble


I would give ANY THING to be able to QUIT SMOKING

Did once for about 30 days – gained so much weight I did not even know myself


Yes, I use to smoke Pot


On Nov 8 2016 – there was a question on the ballet to legalize Marijuana which I had to vote




Not so much for me, as it’s been about 36 years since I have had any. But I do remember when I was station at 29 Palms CA. and would make a lot of trips from 29 Palms to San José to visit my parents and the young lady that became my first wife.




There was a guy that I worked with, that went with me to San Jose. As he was from there also. That is where he got his pot. On one of the trips back to 29 palms, he let up a joint. Handed it to me.


I took a toke and asked what is this? It smelled like burning butter

He said it was a KJ “crystal Joint” – what the hell is that?

With only one took, driving down the street I was seeing some very strange things coming from the other direction. I have lost my mind….


I did have enough sense to get off the road.

I pulled into the Pacheco Pass Winery on Hy 152

Casa De Fruta Orchard Resort

I know this area well, my father being a carpenter worked here doing some major remodeling.


I’m parked in the parking lot refusing to move.

I lost count how many times this guy got out of the car walked around to the other side. My driver’s door and told me to move over and he will drive.

Like I was going to allow that..

I told him – I’m fine get back in and we will go.

This went on for hours.

Then it was like my mind slowly drifting back into my head. WOW I was alive and I can see and think

I drove to 29 palms.

So yes if Marijuana legal, people that want it could get it also will know what they are getting.


Roll, roll, roll a joint, take a sip of wine.

Take a toke hold the smoke and blow your f**king mind!


In High school I would use a Flour Sifter for Marijuana.


Make rolling a join easy.


Found out it also saved me from getting into big trouble.

Many of the kids would go out to the basketball courts to smoke (Cigarette or pot)


I was one of them.

I was busted smoking – the teacher took what I was standing on. “My joint” what was left of it


He inspected it – he thought it was Marijuana but said it wasn’t as it’s too fine and small. He gave me Saturday school for smoking. I go to Saturday school – school library


At brake time – most of the kids lit up a cigarette once they walk out the doors of the library. Still on school grounds and smoking.


My thought “get busted for smoking” have to attend Saturday school and it’s OK to smoke outside the library.


DAM I did not bring mine.


Think it was a few years later the school made a smoking area for the kids to smoke- could not legally buy them but they made an area to smoke.  That did not last long in California


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