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Homes in San Jose

Homes in San Jose CA


665 Lewis Rd, San Jose, CA 95111



6836 Moselle Drive San Jose CA



Have a lot of fond memories in this house. Brenda and I spent a lot of wonderful times here.

Should have married her - Was not this color when we lived there – this is where I caught my first and only bat



A Bat - Like the one in this photo, this photo was taken at Delamar Ghost town “mine shaft”

We lived close to the hills, at night the bats would fly by the street lights a eat bugs.


People up and down the street – would try to catch them. None did that I knew.

I did. I went to garage and got my dad’s fishing string and one of his artificial flies


Artificial flies are an imitation of natural food sources which fly fishers present to their target species of fish while fly fishing, it also worked good for bats


I throw the fishing string over the light pole with the help of a rock. Connected the arterial fly to the end of the string, had the rock about 6 feet higher on the string.


In no time, as I pulled the fly higher and toss the rock to help swing the fly as I pulled to the top of the light pole BAM I got one


Lowered it in to a cage.


My mother talked me into giving it to animal control to see if it had rabies


After a few days, I called animal control; found out that the bat did NOT have rabies. And I asked when I can have my bat back.


Dissected they what “Dissected” my pet to see if it had RABIES.


I was heartbroken.




5289 discovery ave

This is the house, where I was wiring up (most likely an 8 track player) in the white 62 Chevy, that Buck gave me. While lying in the seat, the car was jumping (first thought was someone jumping on the bumper) but Dad came out, said he was just bounced out of bed (water bed). We had an earth quake.

That Chevy, did look strange with the small tires that Debbie gave me

Rebecca  Debi, when we were in this house you lived in New York. Still remember when we were at Barbara's house and we got the phone call that you had Sean. So of course Mom wanted to be the FIRST to tell, when we pulled up at the house I got out of the car to beat her to it. But no, she yelled it out load IT'S A BOY!!! LOL!!! This house was around the corner from Wende's house, I used to walk there all the time to meet her for school and her mom Norma would always be serving the family breakfast. Lots of memories!!!


  110 roundtable   I stand on the 5th – all I will say this is where I learned how to drive.

Besides, long past the Statutes of limitation


674 Pinto



 1620 Bush st - Ocean side Ca


From Bush street to Mission (Taco Bell) Street

The Alley -

Changed my life for ever



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