Illegal Vender



Robert E. Sult  A.O.S.


Illegal Vender


There was a time, in the United States the word ILLEGAL meant something.
Illegal Alien - is a person that came to the United States Illegally - Unlawfully. and should be sent home...
Illegal Vender - is a person that is walking up and down your street -
Could be using a shopping cart from your local store. And should be arrested and convicted for each offence.
                    This cart is from K-mart.
Don't think K-Mart sold him the cart.
1st Possible offence.
Theft of a Shopping cart from K-Mart
2nd Possible offence:
Doing Business without a license.
3rd Possible offence:
Selling food without the proper health certificates and or permits
4th Possible offence.
Tax evasion - Can almost bet he/she is not paying taxes
Above the Law
Could also say - the people that buy from him, is just a guilty
My question is why don't the Police - Health Department - or the IRS
Do something about the Illegal Venders; they walk up and down the street
(They are not hiding). And it's not like they have not been told of the
(ILLEGAL activity- UNLAWFUL activity - CRIMINAL activity)
Some even come to the Front Door to sale.
They must be waiting for someone to get Sick and or Die from the food.
I sent a letter to the Police - Health Dept - and the IRS
Heard nothing from IRS
Police said it's a problem for the Health Dept
Below is what, I received from the Health Dept
Above the Law
Get that?
There are more of them then there are inspectors - Would that be the same problem with the U.S. borders
Lawless America
That letter was 2002
They are still on the streets (Sept 2008)
Above the Law
But they have inspectors for Smokers! Only in America


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