Robert E. Sult  A.O.S.


Job at the Tropicana


Shortly after getting a job at the Tropicana, I learned that some of the guys were talking to the Local 501 Union. It got to the point most of the guys that started this movement left and went to other casinos.

They asked me to continue, so I meet with the guy from the union. He could not tell me much. The answer to my question were either “In the past” or “Can’t cross that line”

I was not impressed with him or what he was saying. However I did get the signature cards to take back to the Tropicana.

Told the guy’s at work that I was not impressed, and if it comes to a vote I would have to vote “NO”. But I did hand them the signature cards

They did end up voting in the Union.

They took the first offer, no clue why. It was not good – most of them were saying the next one will be better.  “That would not be hard to do – as this one was so BAD”

There were all likes of problems right from the start.


1)    In short they insured that the Tropicana would keep the same pay scale for the following 2 years.

There was such a big difference in pay between the slot techs. Small raises over time will be given – at the end of the 2 years all slot techs will be up to the Union Pay scale.

2)    Most of us were Journeyman, we had one (1) apprentice due to their strange math – “Guess today they call that math (Common Core).

Anyhow it was not long before the apprentice was making more money than 9 other Journeyman.

3)    What was a killer was their health insurance. It was not long that the insurance was increased by 200%

This was insane

A)   At the start we all received a small rise which helped but did not cover the added cost of union dues. Someone like me would be tacking a small pay cut, as we have to pay union dues. Which I went along with as long as it was not going to cost me anything more.

Now with the insane cost of insurance, that was taking a big chunk out of my “Previous" take home pay.

To offset this – I decided I would resign from the Union – I would still be covered under the contract. But if I resign I would not be paying union dues. Which would help to offset the cost of insurance? I’m still in the hole – meaning taking home less money than I was before.

When I told the guy and supplied a letter of resignation the guy from the Union, He told me I could not resign – that the Union would suspend me for nonpayment.

I simply said then this would be a NLRB matter.

He said don’t threaten him with the NLRB, and then hung up on me.

I know what the law was; I understand my right under the law. I called the NLRB and made an appointment with them.

It was maybe 20 or 30 min. latter this stupid guy from the union call “ME” – he then said his boss said that I could resign.

I said I know that I can, asked him if he understand that and willing to accept my resignation – told him the reason I’m asking is because I need to know if I should cancel my meeting with the NLRB or not

So here I am – Non-union employee still taking home less then I was before the Union came in.

Like if that was not enough – The Union increased the insurance again by 200% - yes that is correct

Total increased of 400% in a year’s time.

Now I have lost it.

Every week I would be faxing the local & LA area Talk radio show, News station. With a copy of everything I sent to both the Local 501 office here in Las Vegas & LA.

Think the last one I sent was a bluff (I don’t even play poker) but I said – I had over 75% ready to vote for decertification.

Then out of the Blue – just before Christmas all Union members received the following Letter.

WOW just WOW

It’s good that they are leaving BUT

That son of a bitch just put a target on my back – Listing me as the spokesman.


So part of what I said to them


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