Robert E. Sult  A.O.S.


Marguerite Sult - Runaway

Before 17 Nov 2017

If you see her, please call North Las Vegas Police (Have posted flyers all over town)

Need to get her off the streets - and get the help she needs

Wanted by Police or others
Dec 1st Following them
6 Dec 2017 - Found her safe - she was taken in by metro

10 Dec she is on the run again

15 Dec 2017 Marguerite was held for shoplifting at wal-mart - why the police would not take her to juvenile hall I will never understand

Had her in the back of my car - with the child locks on the back doors - forgot about the window lock - Stop for gas she was able to RUN AGAIN

 NOW -

Worst year ever 2017

between Marguerite & Robert

Just want to go to sleep and not walk up

all of this is so hard


I got my Daughter an Iphone 7 for 2017 Christmas

Sadly I had to return it then got her some handcuffs so she could nor run again


  They say one size fits all

Love you girl - we will never stop looking










We miss our baby girl - 

Want her safe - see her call North Las Vegas Police

can send me information at




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