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MGM sold this casino

MGM sold this casino. The new owner took a lot of things away from us.

1)    We use to have up to 4 weeks vacation time depending on how long you worked here.

Max is 2 weeks now.

When they found that we were bringing in the Union – now it companywide that we can get up to 3 weeks vacation time depending on how long you worked here.

Guess they were hoping by giving us 1 of the 2 weeks they stole from use we would not vote in the Union.

2)    Took away perfect attendance day – get 1 day off for perfect attendance

3)    Took 2 other holidays from us

4)    Bereavement Leave

5)    We have not had a raise in pay in many years – not even the cost of living.

6)    There were some other things

The problem I had, they can’t give us what they took away but will give it to the other Union.


See: when I go for a job interview

1)    I tell them what I can do

2)    They tell me the hours – the benefits – the pay

It’s up to me if I accept it or not.

I accepted –

I would not feel right to bring in a Union

However: MGM sold this casino – now the new owner is taking away things that were offered and I accepted.

This is a game changer – Most of us want back what the new owner stole from us. The New owner is the one that reneged on the employment offer.

The union was voted in


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