Robert E. Sult  A.O.S.


my first Auto



My first car when I was 16 years old


Not this one but one similar it


62 Chevy nova 4 door. Was given to by Buck

My brother in law – My sister Barbara’s husband


Slight problem – need engine work. It throw a piston rod in the side wall of the engine block. I was in auto shop in high school, I was able to get it to school and was shown how to do a weld job.

Had to use a special welding rod to weld a patch on the side of the engine.


It was a nice car and ran great.


This was 5289 Discovery Ave

Remember I was part way in to the garage with the 62 Chevy. Lying on the front seat connecting a radio. When the car started rocking from side to side.


I thought someone was playing around, but when I looked up no one was around.


My father comes out of the house, guess he was tossed out of the water bed. We just felt an earthquake. WOW


A few months after getting my driver’s license and getting the car to run, I drove down to get a pizza. On the way home I got pulled over by the police. I did not know what I did

He told me he seen me weaving in the lane and asked if I have been drinking.



It was total silent for a few Sec, and then we both started laughing. He let me go home with the Pizza.



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