Thief at Home Depot



Robert E. Sult  A.O.S.


Thief at Home Depot

Saturday 3 Dec 05 late after noon
As I left Home depot, I notice something strange.
One of Home depot heavy duty cart was on the back road.
Next to it was looked to be older suburban type vehicle.
I drove down the street and made a U-turn, Drove back into Home Depot
Seen some of the employees moving shopping carts –I told them one of there
Heavy Duty carts were on the back street and a vehicle next to it, and the cart may not
Be there long.
The Employees said thank you and continued on collecting shopping carts.
By the time I drove back around to the back street, the cart was gone.
It was on top of the suburban type vehicle. I called 911 and followed them all the way to
Walnut and Sahara (large Self Storage). The guy would park at a few different locations.
Then ended up Driving Back to Home Depot, and unloaded his stolen cargo.
And then gave me a wave.
All this Time, I’m on the cell phone with 911 operator –giving her the description of the
Vehicle and which streets and direction he was going.
He also had no license plate or sticker on vehicle.
Would of thought a police officer world of intercepted him.
Wish I would have had my camera with me; I would have had a nice Photo to post on my web Site.
As he left and pulled next to me.
I told he the police were be here soon, He said why
I told him you had the stolen cart and driving a no license plate.
He said thank you
I said you’re welcome and drove off.

Above the Law


Trash he left behind                                                                                                           the cart he took - then returned it


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